About Us

The Nevada Wing started to form in the middle to late 1980’s. In 1986 the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) held an air show at McCarran Airport known as “Gathering OF Eagles”. On departure takeoff the Douglas A-26 “Spirit OF Waco”, flown by the Ranger Wing based in Waco, TX suffered a catastrophic engine failure and returned safely back to McCarran.

For approximately two years many interested people in the Las Vegas community provided assistance in repairing the A-26 for return home. This assistance from the community formed the bases for the CAF Nevada Wing.

During the early days of wing formation the meetings where held at McCarran. The decision was made to move to North Las Vegas Air Terminal where we remain today.

The development of North Las Vegas Air Terminal has been, and is remarkable. The first aircraft assigned to the Nevada Wing was a Douglas A-26C. This glass nosed version is a powerful and impressive crowd pleaser. This aircraft served with the 9th Air Force and saw duty in Western Europe Some black and white pictures from the period suggest this all black invader likely served in France among other locations.

The Nevada Wing being a small unit could not afford the very high costs of this aircraft. This A-26 currently known as Lady Liberty is based in Oklahoma City. A few years passed when the Nevada Wing had no aircraft assigned. Finally the opportunity for the Stinson AT-19 became available, and this stunning aircraft has been in our care since.