Giving history a future requires support. The Nevada Wing relies on support from personal and business donations to cover the ongoing restoration and operating costs of the unit.

Please consider making an online donation to get the Stinson AT-19 airworthy and meeting the mission to “Keep’em Flying!”

Also, we are currently in search of the following items to complete the restoration of the Stinson AT-19.If anyone out there has these items for sale or trade, or perhaps someone would like to sponsor the purchase of one of these instruments, please contact us.

  • Gyro Horizon AN5736-1 Sperry
  • Directional Gyro AN5753-1 Sperry
  • Rate of Climb 713-KN-01 Kollsman
  • Turn and Bank AN5820-1 Pioneer
  • Compass 758 Pioneer
  • Airspeed 598-KN-016 Kollsman
  • Engine Gauge AN5774-5 Kollsman
  • Altimeter 671-BK-010 Kollsman
  • Manifold Pressure 788-K-02 Kollsman
  • Ammeter F1 Kickok
  • Carburetor Air AW-1 7/8-20-T Weston
  • Fuel Gauge 40295 KIng Seeley
  • Suction Gauge AN5771-5 Kollsman